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Centro de Estudios HispánicosWhy study in Nebrija?

Much more than study abroad

At Nebrija we are convinced that a study abroad experience in Spain is much more than a trip or a language course. Your time at Nebrija can and will become a fundamental part of your development as a future professional. Our programs ensure that didactic teaching and practical experience go hand in hand, so that our students can gain a more complete understanding of the course material and the world as a whole.

Let us explain how:

  1. This prime location in the center of Madrid allows us to extend our teaching activities beyond the classroom.
  2. International students from more than 30 countries share the Madrid-Princesa Campus with Spanish students. This creates an environment in which students can easily interact and build new relationships.
  3. The structure and organization of our programs of study are innovative and flexible. These programs are designed to adapt to the needs of each student, whether you’re interested in taking classes in Spanish only, or if you’d like to include courses taught in English in your schedule as well.
  4. Nebrija gives students individualized attention—you are our priority.
  5. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professors. Your learning is their priority. They use a hands on method of teaching and orient the experience to each student throughout the learning process.
  6. Our interactive methodology guarantees an effective, entertaining, learning experience. This methodology makes us part of the international vanguard in the world of Spanish as a Foreign Language.
  7. Willpower alone is not enough to successfully integrate into a new culture in a fast and effective way. We offer intercultural training through various seminars, workshops and individual sessions in order to facilitate the adaption process and help you enjoy your abroad experience to the fuller. This training will help develop your intercultural competency as well—a highly demanded attribute in today’s world.
  8. Our varied offerings of field trips and cultural experiences will open your eyes to another culture, allow you to integrate yourself into life at Nebrija and give you many opportunities to make friends.
  9. Madrid, one of the most vital cities in Europe, is also a city filled to the brim with cultural and social offerings.
  10. Our staff in the Students Services Department will make your stay sail as smoothly as possible. They will provide you with internet access, library information, housing, etc.